Sometimes your staff or call center team will make follow-up calls because they’re supposed to, not because they want to. They have a negative attitude and a feeling of “I’m just trying to get this done and out of my hair,” and the customer, client, patient or prospect can sense it. These callers are just going through the motions with no enthusiasm. If they’re professional salespeople (which is the mindset you want), they’ll have financial goals and should know the exact value of their time and the value of a new customer, client or patient. They need to ask themselves, “If this is the value of a new customer, why do I have a bad attitude when I call them on the phone?” Ask yourself why you’re calling people in the first place. Then SMILE and pick up the phone!


Here’s a WIL (What I Learned) that’s right on point:
I have learned to smile when talking on the phone because you can hear a smile. I like the concept of using your best friend voice. I will talk on the phone like I know it’s my best friend on the other end of the line.


Do your homework before you call. Know why you’re calling, have a script to keep you on track, practice your presentation and believe in what you’re doing. If you can’t sell yourself on why you’re making a phone call, you can’t sell them. Know what your strengths and weaknesses are when you’re talking on the telephone. If you tend to get nervous, practice and learn to relax. Practice a script and record it into a tape recorder. Then listen for where you can pause, take a breath or just relax. Call a friend and role-play over the phone. Build your self-confidence. Know your business, services and products backward and forward. Learn all you can about the marketplace and your customers, clients or patients. The more you know, the more reasons you have to call and the more you can offer, simply because you know more.



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