Training Your Call Center Team


1. Mini-Critique Training at Manager’s Desk: Plug into various colleagues’ calls from the manager’s office. The manager and a few team members can sit and as a team listen and critique calls. Each team member gets a chance to give his or her own critique before the manager. Critique formula: Here’s what worked, here are the opportunities and how to fix them. Bottom line: Is everyone using the script? This example allows you to train more than one person at a time. Of course, you can do one at a time if necessary.

2. Individual Training: Manager sits at the team member’s desk and listens to calls as much as possible to give on-the-spot feedback.

3. Role-Playing Training: A great way to do ongoing training. Role-playing is not loved by all, but it’s the fastest and best way to learn. Create prospective client/patient/customer scenarios, difficult ones, the ones that you know everyone has a hard time with, and give everyone a chance to play the part.


The culture, the vibe of your call center, the feeling when you walk into the room should be positive, motivating, fun, we’re all in this together and working very hard. This team will follow you into any battle. Training, monitoring, critiques and scripts should be serious business, but also fun and rewarding. At the end of the day, the managers, supervisors and all call center team members must know that you will never stop monitoring or training and that you will always Inspect What You Expect (TM). Celebrated success is repeated success. Is your company celebrating enough? Everyone in your entire organization should be trained to have the habit of catching each other doing something right every single day!

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