I met Chris through Ken Hardison and Pilmma. Chris has done an amazing job in transforming my intake department. We were disorganized, sterile and sometimes rude with very little training or guidance. We just "assumed" they were doing intakes right, but we weren’t checking to make sure. Chris helped turn my intake department into an energetic, proactive, closing the deal, script following machine. Our retention of new clients is much higher. We realized that we spent a lot of time effort and money to get the PNC to contact us but in many cases, we were dropping the ball during the intake process. Now we don’t because we constantly monitor and train. The intake department is like a Ferrari...it needs lots of maintenance. But, a finely tuned machine will produce fantastic results.

Stephen K. Brooks, Esq.

Brooks Law Group, P.A.


Chris, I have some great news for you. As you know, we’re on top of our numbers, we know everything their is to know about our numbers. Chris, we recently wrapped up our month with 76% conversion. Chris, that's 26% higher new client conversion, closed. This is the first time we've had that high of a conversion. We without a doubt attribute your program to this success. I'm excited and the team is excited. Thank you.

William V. Steffens, Attorney


We have a law firm in New York and have approximately 70 people in our firm including attorneys and support staff. I can tell you, no matter how good you believe your intake process and procedures are, they can always be better. You would be surprised to hear and listen to your calls and the feedback and coaching the Intake Academy provides. Chris Mullins is the expert at evaluating your calls to help you get more from the marketing you’re already spending. I highly recommend the Intake Academy. I recommend you retain their services, not just once, but on an on-going monthly basis, because repetition matters. If you really care to capture the maximum amount of clients, use their sales conversion service. It is an excellent investment.

Steven Schwartzapfel, Attorney

Schwartzapfel Lawyers P.C.


Chris Mullins is great at getting a team together and calling businesses to check on their phone answering, email and contact form responding so that business owners can improve their intake process and increase conversions. “Inspect what you Expect” – this sums up what Chris Mullins does very nicely and she does it well. I personally have worked with Chris Mullins and her team to provide “secret shopper” services for one of our most successful law firms. We provide marketing consultation and services for them and called on Chris to help us evaluate the search patterns of visitors to our clients’ website. We also asked her to provide detailed reporting on usability and the user experience so we could make improvements to conversion and lead generation. It was not an easy campaign to implement, but we did it and Chris and her team provided more then I had asked with fantastic, detailed reporting. We ended up implementing much of what was learned from these reports, which increased conversion substantially. The client was thrilled and ended up hiring Chris to support them even more resulting in a happy ending for everyone. I could not recommend Chris Mullins and her team more for services. Chris provides a great product and is very easy and fun to work with. She met all our deadlines and, as I said, went further then was expected. I could not be happier.

Tom Foster CEO

Foster Web Marketing


I recently hired Chris Mullins and team to ghost call my own law firm, just to make sure my phones were actually being answered the way I thought they should be answered. The process of working with Chris to get the calls done was painless... the follow up call with Chris where we "dissected" the calls was somewhat painful. Turns out we had more training to do. Chris Mull ins to the rescue. Her system makes it easy for any lawyer to easily get their staff not only trained once to convert more but reinforced on that training frequently. I highly recommend Chris and her team.

Benjamin W. Glass


Lawyers often confuse their professional skills with the skills they need to connect with potential new clients. Chris Mullins Lawyer’s Boot Camp helped our lawyers understand the difference. Chris took our legal team on a deep dive into the mindset necessary to convert leads into clients. And gave them the tools to do exactly that. There’s no doubt in my mind that Chris Mullins Lawyer’s Boot Camp was a wise investment on our part. I’m all about ROI and Chris Mullins delivers.

Jeff Witten, Lawyer

Personal Injury Lawyers


Chris Mullins and Team expertly and ably attacks a very significant problem area costing almost every law firm and all businesses large sums: the handling of inbound and out bound telephone calls. Attorneys, business owners and corporations spend huge amounts of money making the phone ring, and then invest little or no serious effort at insuring each type of call is handled properly and professionally. I have urged clients of mine to utilize Chris Mullins, her programs and her team to work on this and have seen the profitable results.

Dan Kennedy


Chris, I’m not type of person that would ever bought into intake training and those types of things. With, that being said, I thought it was phenomenal in so many ways and wish we would have done this a year ago when we really started growing. The Intake Sales Conversion Team Kick-Off was awesome and made complete sense. I really believe the staff understood the bigger picture. It was also good to have everyone learn more about each other during the Kick-Off training. It takes a lot to impress me, and I can tell you, I am very very impressed with your program. I really look forward to our relationship growing into the future. By the way had to call into the office 3x on Friday, and each time I got "Welcome to Ricci Law Firm"!!

Brian Ricci

Ricci Law Firm


Chris, thank you for a great class today. I especially liked how you focused on gratitude and empathy. I like how you reminded everyone in a straightforward manner that they should view calls with gratitude because the phone ringing is the reason they have a job while at same time talking about importance of being empathic, caring and concerned to callers. Also, great quote about gazelle and lion really ended things on a high note. Appreciate your sharing your high voltage positive bottom line energy with class. You set just the right tone and did great job of reminding folks of need to differentiate!

Scott Monge, Attorney

Accident and Disability Attorneys of Monge & Associates


In personal injury law, the intake specialist is crucial to my success. But when I was faced with the challenging task of starting my new law practice, I was tempted to take the easy way out by hiring a receptionist who I was reliable and would show up on time, but didn’t have the key qualities of compassion and understanding that are key for this position and conversion. Fortunately, I was lucky to speak with Chris Mullins before I made the mistake of hiring the person who wasn’t quite right for the position. Chris Mullins helped me find the right receptionist for my law practice and Chris and team scheduled repeated follow up phone calls with me to make sure I didn’t take the easy way out. Chris showed a real concern that I follow the right processes in hiring a receptionist and I now feel that I am on the right track to making a good hire. This will be the first step in building my law practice. I could not be more appreciative for the time with Chris to help me find the right person for my case intake specialist. If you need advice hiring the right person for your phone calls, you could not do better than Chris Mullins The Phone Sales Doctor at the Intake Academy.

John Fisher, Attorney


The script consult was very helpful. KISS, the Intake Specialists have to master the basics. You refined the process to the essence of what must be accomplished at the minimum. The staff will now better understand how they will be graded and we simplified the process some. It was very beneficial.

Steven Schwartzapfel

Schwartzapfel Lawyers P.C.


Chris, many many thanks for being student of the month. I do so appreciate this recognition and Sharon is quite pleased with me and your program. We have both learned and attained new skills. Congratulations to you on climbing the mountain — what a thrill. It gives me encouragement to get out and at least walk around the block!

Pat Misek

Law Office of Sharon Christie