Most business relationships rely on the telephone, and how you sound makes up 84% of the
message you send. When prospects finally decide to get around to calling you because of the
promotion you sent them in the mail, they want to talk to you, the live person! Your answering
machines or voice mail can’t sell them, or in the first few minutes say, “Wow, you called the
right place!”

Eighty percent of new customers, patients or clients will not call back or leave a message when
they get a voice mail or an answering machine. Only 25% of business or practice owners even
believe the telephone has a major impact on their business (even though it is the only point of
entry for all new customers).

Keep in mind when reading statistics like this that using answering machines and voice mail to
capture new leads can’t possibly convey the message that you’re here for them, that you want
their business and that they absolutely called the right place, so come in for the appointment.

Do you know how many new clients, customers or patients you lost this month? Be it a lawyer
fighting for his clients, a dentist trying to teach her patients healthy habits or a CEO focused on
converting prospects into customers, most business owners believe it’s not happening to them
because “their business or practice is different.”

The smarter thing to do is to stop the denial and ask yourself, “What do we have to do to fix this
problem immediately?” You’ll get more ideas when you think like that versus “our business is
different.” We need live people on the phone to give every new prospective client, customer or
patient what they want–a live person–so let’s provide a solution and test a few ideas to see what
works best.

How do you know that the messages you are getting are being captured? Don’t put this off!
There are few concerns more pressing than this one, because every new lead, every referral,
every single dollar that you spend on advertising is driving new prospects to one place–your



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