One of my attorney clients recently shared with me that successful people tend to be competitive and therefore often take on a more stress-filled life. He says, “The only way to get to this point is to be extremely competitive and have motivation to take a more stressful route in life.” A certain amount of stress is good; it can energize you and make you more productive. But too much stress can weigh you down, so this week and next, I’d like to share with you some stress busters I learned from holistic health counselor Lonny Brown. Take a few minutes this week to try them out! Even in the middle of a stressful day, you’ll fare better using a few strategic de-stressing exercises. You can choose the best ones for the moment, or complete the whole routine (all eight stress busters) within 20 minutes.

1. Stretch: Feel better immediately–without even getting out of your chair–by slowly bending
forward, leaning back and twisting your spine in both directions. Standing, slowly reach for the
ceiling, inhaling, then bend and reach for your toes, exhaling.

2. Progressive Muscle Flex/Release: Tense strongly from feet up, and hands inward, while
inhaling through the nostrils. Release suddenly, from head to toes, exhaling through the mouth.

3. Self-Massage: For stimulation and relaxation, rigorously massage your head, neck, face, hands
and feet.

4. Eye Palming: Rub your hands together vigorously until hot; place them over your closed eyes
for soothing energy.

5. Breathe: Squeeze all air out from the belly up, then inhale, fully expanding abdomen, rib cage
and upper body. Pump the breath in and out forcefully from the belly to stimulate internal glands
and organs. Feel the breath passively without controlling it.

6. Relax: Elicit your “relaxation response” by silently or audibly repeating a word, sound or
prayer, ignoring all other thoughts. This internal focus can reduce muscle tension, blood pressure
and anxiety. Focused mind exercises produce body results!

7. Balance: Lean forward and back, then side-to-side, reducing movement until still and
balanced. Center your awareness deep within the belly.

8. Get Grounded: Feel your connection to the earth.



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