Today I want to touch on how to reprogram and really believe in yourself.

One of the biggest areas I find as a challenge to most of my students is self-image and confidence. My most important advice is not to be so hard on yourself. It takes time to learn new ways of thinking and acting so that they eventually become automatic.

Anyone who’s on the road to recognizing what they like and don’t like about their self-image is going to experience positive results almost immediately. This happens just because of their mindset. For some, this will mean keeping a diary, examining the people they’ve chosen to be part of their inner circle, creating psychological triggers, visualizing, positive self-talk, thinking differently, questioning, listing habits and deciding which habits to abolish so they can create a brand new behavior.

Becoming a top-performing person means you cannot compare yourself to others. There’s no one else just like you! Once you decide on the steps you must take to begin to change, reprogram your self-image by taking one step at a time, one goal at a time. What’s most important here is that you recognize even the smallest of successes in your journal of self improvement. This will be a big help in the reprogram process. Before you can do this, however, you must know what your expectations are. Make a list of what you expect to happen as a result of your new goal and the steps you’re taking. Then, take a good look at that list and ask yourself if what you’re expecting of yourself is realistic.

Give yourself easy goals at first. Build your confidence slowly, and soon you’ll gain more and more confidence to continue the reprogramming process of your old self-image into the brand new you. It does take time and very hard work. Don’t give up and be sure to enjoy each moment of success. Why not create the new habit of noticing ONLY the good things that you do each day?