READY? No, are you REALLY ready?

Ready? I want to talk about a difficult subject because it relates to these particular times, your bottom line and how you can begin to be extraordinary. Ask yourself: What would happen if you were fired tomorrow? We don’t usually take all the action we could to avoid a problem like this until after it happens. Some of the questions you should ask yourself to avoid this situation include: 1) Are you just showing up or phoning it in? 2) Do you need help with tasks and fake it until you make it rather than asking for help? 3) What’s your return on effort? Do you really give 100% with all you do? 4) Are you a complainer? That attitude spreads to others. 5) Are you truly present when talking with clients, customers, patients and other team members? 6) Are you complacent? (This is extremely dangerous.) 7) Do you have a sense of entitlement and think people “owe” you something?

Think about these questions and how your answers are affecting your performance.


Those were some hard questions I gave you to think about. Are you ready? How did you do? If we are honest, we all know we have room for improvement. And we all have a choice. We can continue to do more of the same, which causes internal stress, or we can make the decision to put a plan in place on how to be extraordinary, fixing the areas that are stopping us. Start with a mission statement for your team that you all agree to and will practice and hold each other accountable for practicing it. Many times we think our problems are too big for us, but the best way to think about it is … You don’t have a problem to solve, just a decision to make. No problems, only opportunities. All obstacles can be turned into opportunities for your business or practice, as well as your personal life.


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