Practice Makes Progress

Practice Makes Progress; 12 BIG Things That Go Wrong

Here are Twelve Big Things for your front desk employees to keep in mind with each call they make:

  1. Calls are too long. Time yourself to measure how long you’re talking on each call. Focus on shortening each new call; otherwise, you’ll end up becoming friends and nothing more than a good conversationalist, not a sales rep, which equals zero sales.
  2. Always ask permission to speak when you call a prospect, no exceptions.
  3. Dig deep—get inside the prospect’s head. What prompted you to call today?
  4. Practice PAUSING with each new call.
  5. Interrupting and talking over prospects. Stop focusing on getting through your agenda for each call, which is a sign that you need to reexamine your purpose. Your purpose should be to close as many appointments as possible each day. You can’t find out what your prospects want and need if you’re interrupting them with your own thoughts.
  6. You need to find out what a prospect doesn’t like about your offer before you make multiple offers.
  7. Listen to the prospects; what are they saying? Can you repeat back what they said in the exact words they used?
  8. Pay close attention to the language and vocabulary of your prospects. This will help you to know what to do or say next, and you’ll certainly find out quickly how serious they are.
  9. Practice slowing down your thoughts before you speak.
  10. You’re excited, which is understandable, but you’re not allowing the prospect to finish sentences or thoughts at crucial discovery points of your conversation. Therefore, not only are you missing several buying signals, but you’re also not asking for the sale, the appointment.
  11.  Practice having a sense of urgency. Speed is critically important in all sales situations at every single point. If you have a sense of urgency in your voice, your prospect will, too.
  12. Finally, you can do this, but first, you need to decide if you’re in the game or not. The telephone is the most time efficient, least expensive sales tool you have. So, be determined to use it and use it well!