I will be sharing some of the important lessons my clients tell me they have learned. I call them “What I Learned” or WIL. You never know when a WIL will pop up … so be sure to check those Monday morning emails from me!

If you’ve heard me say it once, you’ve heard me say it a thousand times: that which we measure can improve. So, how do we measure? One of the most basic ways is with a simple phone log.

Beginning right now, have each member of your staff keep a plain spiral notebook next to the phone; it need not be fancy. Write down every call. Yes, that’s right, every call. Record the date, time, name of caller, caller’s contact information, staff member who took the call, result and dates for any follow-ups. At your staff meetings (also known as your weekly sales drill), look at the log to see what is happening and who is calling your business or practice. Use the log to identify questions and answers that your sales team must have at the ready. It can help identify scripts your people need to review before they answer the phone.

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