Make Yourself Stand Out & Compete!

I’d like to challenge leaders to ask their team members what they can do as individuals to make a difference at your office or business. Here’s a real example of how to be extraordinary:

Years ago, a supermarket was doing some customer service training and asked the team what they could do to make a difference in the business, to think about it for a week and then come back with an answer. One day the manager noticed one of the checkout lines was very long and told a customer to go to a line that was empty. The customer said, “We want to stay here because of what Pete has.” It turns out that Pete had been slipping notes he prepared the night before into the bags of food. These notes said, “You look great, thank you for coming. See you next week.” Not only was this an excellent example of making a difference as an individual, but customers said they now come by every week just to see what Pete will put in their bags. Especially in these times, many individuals and businesses are thinking about how they can get by with less. Now is the time to go the extra mile and make yourself stand out.

Standing out from the crowd is, in a way, competing with everyone else in your line of work. It is also important to compete with yourself. Competing with yourself will help you to improve (and not so coincidentally, will make you stand out in a crowd). Here’s how to do it:

Set daily and weekly goals with deadlines; make these your own private, secret goals that only you and perhaps a coach know about. Of course, the purpose is for you to set this goal higher than the one you’ve been given by your clients/customers/patients or the company you work for. You will be amazed by the results!
One of my clients is working on sales goals for his office based on his WIL (What I Learned):

My WIL from yesterday was that I need to make sure that phone staff has and uses sales points with callers. The callers must know why we are special and feel confident that we have expertise for their particular need.


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