Inspect What You Expect™, Chris Mullins’ #1 Rule.


In many businesses, especially yours, you’re spending an astronomical amount of money on marketing (for many of you, millions every year) to get your phones to ring with leads, prospects and hyper-responsive clients.

What happens when the phone rings? Does the prospect schedule an appointment, or is the call lost because the receptionist is too busy  doing all the other tasks that you require him or her to do? You must give the person who is handling a call permission to focus on that call, that person, that story and nothing else. A Jack-of-all-trades can’t do that. In a recent WIL (What I Learned), legal assistant Kimberly said, “I am going to keep myself focused on the person I am talking to at the time and less focused on what I’m about to do next.” That’s a great goal–and great advice!


Don’t forget Chris Mullins’ #1 Rule: Inspect What You Expect™.


Now that I’ve told you that your receptionist or intake specialist cannot do it all so if you’ve determined that you just don’t have enough team members to handle your calls from prospects and customers, here are my expert recommendations in this order:

1) Do not use the first impressions director (receptionist) for closing sales on any level. Stop it!
2) Hire more sales experts to handle the incoming leads.
3) Create your own internal on-site call center even if you’re only starting with a few people. All prospect calls get directed to this team. They are the closers. It’s their job to close as many appointments as possible.
4) Give your call center team members a sales goal and hold them accountable for it.
5) Use the Chris Mullins famous formula RMFD–Record, Monitor, Feedback, Daily. RECORD the calls (check laws for recording calls in your state). MONITOR (listen to) the recordings. Provide FEEDBACK to the team by sharing the recordings with them. DAILY give healthy, constructive criticism.

Esther, an attorney, took her WIL (What I Learned) about RMFD and implemented these strategies with her team: 1) prints a script for the team with a list of all objections they might expect; 2) makes mystery calls; 3) coaches the team; and 4) implements the core values of the firm with the team.


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