The more things change, the more they remain the same. Take a look at how a Depression-era sales manager motivated his team:

In my old organization, where we had to make a complete about-face to avert disaster, I first used this technique by placing a mirror in a back room of the offices where the employees left their hats and overcoats. It was placed so that everyone had to see it when entering or leaving the room. At first I pasted strips of paper with slogans such as “We’re going to win.” “Nothing is impossible to an indefatigable mind.” “We’ve got the guts, let’s prove it.” “Let’s show them we’re not licked and then go to town.” “How many are you going to sell today?” Later we took soap to write the slogans directly on the face of the mirror.

Every morning a new slogan appeared with the sole purpose of convincing our employees that they could get business even though others were struggling to keep their doors open. Eventually mirrors were also placed alongside the door frame of the main door to the office so it was the last thing salesmen saw as they left, and more were placed alongside calendar frames on the desks of all salesmen and executives. The startling thing about it was that during the worst of the “depression” days, all the salesmen quadrupled their incomes!

While our most recent “Great Recession” wasn’t nearly so bad, I think we can learn from this man’s experience. Many of you have heard me talk about using a mirror at your desk to remind yourself to SMILE before you pick up the phone, to stay focused on taking care of each call like it was the first one of the day, to shake off any bad experiences you might have had just before the telephone rang. So, here’s my big question to you today: How far will you go? Will you put mirrors up in your own office and explain to your team what the mirror technique is all about?



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