Constructive Criticism, How To Deliver, Part 1

July is one of “those” months. It has FIVE, count ‘em, FIVE Mondays. I thought I would take advantage of this fact by sharing FIVE sets of FIVE tips for communicating constructive criticism about mystery calls with your team. Here we go with set # one…

1. Calm down.

2. Breathe and relax.

3. Remember your purpose

Be able to influence your team to repeat the great things they already do and quickly tweak the areas that need improvement; notice the language I’m using.

4. Have a plan before you talk to them about their critiques. Take the time to listen to call recordings yourself and make notes about the good ones first and why it’s important for them to continue those good points. Then share.

Many folks don’t even realize the good they’re doing while talking to customers, clients or patients; it’s part of their routine. So, point it out; that way they can do more of it.

5. Next, share the specific areas that need fixing–give specific examples.


Now take a look at set # two with these next FIVE steps for sharing constructive criticism with your team:

6. Share why a problem needs to be fixed.

7. Make sure that you also offer the solution, how to fix what needs fixing.

8. Make this time fun–smile!

You want your team to look forward to your critiques and even ask for them. Believe me, they will–when you do it right!

9. Hold your team accountable for using their phone script or phone slip, which you need to make sure you have in place.

10. Teach your team how to use the script; practice with it and reward them.


Have fun practicing your scripts this week; I’ll have some more tips for you in my next post!


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