It’s impossible to have the person taking your incoming prospect calls and turn them into clients, customers or patients if that person also has to worry about a long list of other tasks, such as greeting people as they come into your office, making outbound calls, making reminder calls, setting up the conference room for a meeting, billing, etc.

Once your receptionist or intake specialist hears that phone ring, everything has to STOP. Nothing else matters. Only that call and the desired outcome, which is always one of two things: close the appointment or get the complete contact information. You cannot be an expert at everything. As soon as you, the business or practice owner, gets this and embraces this, everything will change for you. The person who handles your incoming calls must be in a state of readiness–always.

Many people think that effective communication is merely a matter of finding and using the right magic words. They believe that using certain words in the right order will get the results they want. Scientific research tells us that attempting to persuade by words alone is about as effective as trying to chop down a tree with a Swiss army knife. To be a truly effective communicator, your body language and tone of voice must be consistent with your content. Even the most powerful words spoken in a monotone with lifeless body language will fail to rouse anyone. In a study conducted at UCLA, Dr. Albert Mehrabian found that when verbal, vocal and visual signals are inconsistent, content counts for a mere 7% of the overall message. In such a situation, 55% of the message is transmitted by facial expression and body language, and 38% comes from voice quality–pitch, tone, volume and inflection.ALL of this (including body language and a smile!) comes through over the telephone.

Here is a WIL (What I Learned) from one of my clients who has found this to be true:
Today I learned that the growth of the company starts with me, an intake specialist. I learned that every consumer should be able to feel my positive energy from the beginning to the end of the call. I learned that communicating with a smile and a pleasant tone can lead to a lasting relationship with a potential client.



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