Law Firm Conversion Coaching Program

Simply put, there is no other program available for law firms that want to convert more prospects into high paying clients. The Law Firm Conversion Training Program is a private, customized, 12-month program where Chris and her team work with your intake team to build strong relationships and ultimately convert prospects at higher levels.

As noted, this proven program has many foundational pieces, yet it can be customized to meet the specific needs of your law firm. Here is a brief overview.

  • During each monthly class our In-House Certified Master Intake Conversion Coaches teach your Intake Specialists how to convert more prospects using our proprietary 5-Step Relationship Sales Conversion Script™
  • Our proven system focuses on relationships first, business second. We do this by teaching them how to control the conversation, understand and provide empathy and redirect with compassion when necessary.
  • Of paramount importance is our ability to train your staff how to convert qualified prospects into appointments.
  • Our 12-month Law Firm Conversion Training Program focuses on comprehensive sales, relationship and communication training, as well as coaching and support to your Intake Specialist team.

In short, we help you make your marketing actually deliver results!

Understandably, The Law Firm Conversion Training Program is not for every firm. To determine if this program can help your firm, the first step is to click here and schedule your free mystery call debrief.