Sales Nuggets & Marketing Techniques

This week I want to share several of my favorite marketing and sales techniques for you to try: Come in for an appointment and we’ll have your “Red Carpet Goodie Bag” waiting for you. Acceptance. Think of using this word in your business or practice when it comes to acquiring clients, patients and customers. Touches. […]

Tips For Constructive Criticism, Part 2

Have you been working on Tips 1-10? I hope so! I’ve included an additional 15 tips below! 11. Before you talk with your team, you need to know what you want to fix. Put together a lesson plan for how they can fix it, including how you’ll help them and when you’ll meet again. 12. […]

Constructive Criticism, How To Deliver, Part 1

July is one of “those” months. It has FIVE, count ‘em, FIVE Mondays. I thought I would take advantage of this fact by sharing FIVE sets of FIVE tips for communicating constructive criticism about mystery calls with your team. Here we go with set # one… 1. Calm down. 2. Breathe and relax. 3. Remember […]


Inspect What You Expect™, Chris Mullins’ #1 Rule. . In many businesses, especially yours, you’re spending an astronomical amount of money on marketing (for many of you, millions every year) to get your phones to ring with leads, prospects and hyper-responsive clients. What happens when the phone rings? Does the prospect schedule an appointment, or […]

Receptionist Too Busy? Doing Too Much?

Receptionists have always been dumped on and expected to do all the busy work that other departments can’t or won’t do. The receptionist is the go-to person for anything that another person in your operation can’t get done. It’s always been that way; sadly it hasn’t changed. What happens when the phone rings? What happens […]

READY? No, are you REALLY ready?

Ready? I want to talk about a difficult subject because it relates to these particular times, your bottom line and how you can begin to be extraordinary. Ask yourself: What would happen if you were fired tomorrow? We don’t usually take all the action we could to avoid a problem like this until after it […]

Make Yourself Stand Out & Compete!

I’d like to challenge leaders to ask their team members what they can do as individuals to make a difference at your office or business. Here’s a real example of how to be extraordinary: Years ago, a supermarket was doing some customer service training and asked the team what they could do to make a […]


Today I want to touch on how to reprogram and really believe in yourself. One of the biggest areas I find as a challenge to most of my students is self-image and confidence. My most important advice is not to be so hard on yourself. It takes time to learn new ways of thinking and […]

Training Your Call Center Team

TRAINING YOUR CALL CENTER TEAM: THREE IMPORTANT TIPS 1. Mini-Critique Training at Manager’s Desk: Plug into various colleagues’ calls from the manager’s office. The manager and a few team members can sit and as a team listen and critique calls. Each team member gets a chance to give his or her own critique before the […]


HOLD…. THE “H” WORD   If you have a busy office, there will be times when you are too short-staffed. When that happens, should you put callers on hold? My answer is pretty simple: No! But allow me to elaborate and try to help you solve the underlying problem.   First, get temporary help from […]